Pro Musicis promotes visionary concert artists who awaken the human spirit wherever they perform

Peter Oundjian
"It was through Pro Musicis and the community service concerts that I began to understand the power of communication and, therefore, the power of music."
Sharon Robinson
"Nobody but ProMusicis has the same double-prong approach of public and community service concerts. This is Father Merlet’s legacy. Sharing is the essence of our music-making."
Pierre Boulez
"I greatly admire the work of Father Merlet and Pro Musicis. One rarely sees such efforts and dedication directed at the same time towards emerging artists and non-privileged people, thereby achieving a collaboration that is of great value to both.”
Gunther Schuller
"The emphasis of Pro Musicis is on choosing artists who are readily committed by their nature and talent to a much broader and deeper involvement with music."
Christopher O'Riley
"While Pro Musicis helps us professionally, we are constantly reminded of our duties as human beings. What God has given us in talent, we must contribute in whatever way we can."
Cynthia Phelps
"The dedication Pro Musicis has to the community affects the artists who in turn realize a deeper meaning to giving concerts. Pro Musicis has provided me with the opportunity to perform and be reviewed in major cities."
Nancy Allen
"My Pro Musicis concert[s]... introduced me to a new audience, which helped me to establish a relationship with harpists and my teaching at Julliard."
Maria Bachmann
"It’s a beautiful experience to bring music to those who might otherwise not be able to hear it. It brings joy to their lives and is extremely rewarding for the soul of the artist."
Jeffrey Kahane
Pro Musicis has made a very substantial contribution to my career. It gave me the opportunity to experience first hand the power to heal, to bring light into dark places, and to experience the depth of my own feelings about music’s importance in the world.
Inna Faliks
"The pairing of public engagements with the sharing of music in places where music is seldom heard forms a complete artistic experience, one where the artist can experiment, open up, and truly share."

Pro Musicis Award Winning Artists