Pro Musicis invites cellists and pianists to apply for the 2016 Pro Musicis International Award. We are seeking concert artists who demonstrate both a high level of artistic performance and a passion for social outreach.


Please note that all submissions are electronic. As such, applicants are not required to submit all materials at once. Please return to this webpage to update your responses to the application form and to upload additional attachments in order to submit a complete application.

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• Cello and Piano
• Age range: 20-35 years
• Residence in the United States; citizenship not required.

Timeline for selection process (subject to change):

• August 17: Applications are due
• September 23: Finalists announced on or about this date
• October 1: Programs for auditions due
• October 17: Auditions, 1:00 to 5:00 PM, Yamaha Artist Services NYC

The Pro Musicis International Award:

• Membership in the family of Pro Musicis International Award winners
• New York City debut concert in Weill Hall at Carnegie Hall
• Additional performance opportunities in association with Yamaha Artist Services New York
• Grant in $2,000 – $4,000 range for social outreach project, plus mentoring services
• State of the art recording opportunity with Yamaha Artist Services New York
• Six hours of professional consultation (career development, media relations, and/or artist management)

Required materials:

•  Completed application (below)
•  Application fee of $75 (click “Donate” from home page to submit the $75)
•  Video, 45-50 minutes of live performance (can be compiled from several live performances) *One YouTube or Vimeo link preferred*
•  Current Curriculum Vitae
•  Professional biography (any length)
•  Two letters of recommendation (from professionals in music)
•  Video Interview (5 minutes) *One YouTube or Vimeo link preferred*
Responding to 4 of the following 7 questions:

  1. Why did you choose to be a musician and what are your musical interests?
  2. How do you see yourself and define yourself as an artist?
  3. What do you see is the role of music in your community and beyond, and how will you, as a Pro Musicis artist, make a positive and lasting contribution?
  4. How would you benefit from the Pro Musicis award?
  5. Briefly describe your experience in social outreach projects.
  6. Name three artists who you admire and why.
  7. What has been one of your most memorable/meaningful musical experiences?

•  Proposal for a community service project

A two-page proposal for a community service project, either one that you have begun already and wish to enhance, or one that you would like to initiate. The project should be created for the betterment of others.

Keep in mind the Pro Musicis vision: to demonstrate imaginative ways to “awaken the human spirit.” Please include the following in your proposal:

  1. Project description and timeline/duration of the project.
  2. Budget for the project (if you have applied for other funding, please list any other potential funding)
  3. Who will benefit from your project and how it will be marketed or publicized
  4. Where the project will take place
  5. How you will evaluate the project and what you consider to be a successful outcome

Please note: Applicants are not required to submit all materials at once. Please return to this webpage to update your responses to the application form, and to upload additional attachments in order to submit a complete application.

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How to Apply:

1. Please fill out the application form.

2. Upload all attachments individually. Note: You are not required to upload all materials in one sitting. Return to this webpage to upload additional application files. For video links, please create a document with a link directing to the YouTube video. Please use the following naming convention:

  • Name.Name of Document; for example:
  • “JohnSmith.CV″
  • “JohnSmith.Bio″
  • “JohnSmith.SocialOutreach”
  • “JohnSmith.Interview”
  • “JohnSmith.Performance”

3. Please request that individuals drafting letters of recommendation send the letter directly to Kate Lochner, Pro Musicis Assistant, at the following email address: The file name should contain the applicant’s name (ex. – “John Smith letter of rec”).

If you have any questions about the application process, please email John Haag at

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Repertoire for Finalists:

Finalists, announced on or about September 23, are to submit a 20 minute program of their choice by October 1st. Finalists are encouraged but not required to include a work written in the last 25 years. Auditions will last approximately 30 minutes, including 20 minutes of performance and approximately 10 minutes of dialogue with the jury about the finalist’s goals and community service project.

Best of luck!


Pro Musicis promotes the social impact of visionary concert artists who awaken the human spirit wherever they perform.


Pro Musicis envisions a world where music transforms society.


• Music is vital for the well being of all.
• The spiritual message of music must be at the heart of all we do.
• The greatest joy in life is the one derived from giving joy to others.

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