Through community service Pro Musicis artists develop a profound relationship with the essence of their talent and discover how to create magical connections with diverse audiences. In the process, they become committed to a lifetime of sharing music.

Following the centuries-old Franciscan musical tradition, Father Merlet was given the task of using his experience as a musician to discern the problems of young musicians and find a tangible answer to their needs. Believing that artists have an important mission to fulfill in society, he asked “How can young and talented musicians share their gifts, receive recognition, and see the joy their efforts inspire?” His visionary answer: “Pro Musicis.”

Career development and community service are the primary goals of Pro Musicis. Right now, concert artists selected for the Pro Musicis International Award are performing in concert halls and outreach venues. This unique concurrence is due to the remarkable work of Pro Musicis—dedicated to sharing the beauty and joy of music with the widest possible audience.

Over the years, Pro Musicis artists have performed well over 1,000 community service concerts in prisons, hospitals, centers for the disabled, substance abuse treatment facilities, assisted living units, and homeless shelters—for audiences who seldom, if ever, have the chance to hear live classical music.

Everybody comes out ahead with Pro Musicis, especially those audiences kept from live classical music for want of mobility and health, money or imprisonment, those who are most in need of music’s spiritual nourishment.
– San Francisco Examiner