Pro Musicis has made a substantial contribution to my career. It provided me with my first major New York recital, and several other important performance opportunities.”

— Jeffrey Kahane, piano

To play as a soloist with Pierre Boulez and the orchestra in Town Hall at the outset of my career was the most exciting send off a young artist could have.”

— Esther Lamneck, clarinet

The Pro Musicis concept of music combined with community service has become an important part of my life as a performer.”

— Joyce Lindorff, harpsichord

While Pro Musicis helps us professionally, we are constantly reminded of our duties as human beings. What God has given us in talent, we must contribute in whatever way we can.”

— Christopher O’Riley, piano

The notion behind Pro Musicis is a simple but daring one. On the one hand, the organization aims to give talented young musicians the boost they need to build major performing careers. On the other hand, Pro Musicis brings live concerts to those audiences least likely to be exposed to classical music.”

— The Boston Globe

When you play for people who are in pain, or lonely, or nostalgic, or worried, and you bring them something which answers to their condition, you begin to realize why you are really there. You are there to serve humanity.”

— Yehudi Menuhin

I greatly admire the work of Father Merlet and Pro Musicis. One rarely sees such efforts and dedication directed at the same time towards emerging artists and non-privileged people, thereby achieving a collaboration that is of great value to both.”

— Pierre Boulez

Given the nature of my instrument, it is difficult to get solo recitals. Pro Musicis has provided me with the opportunity to perform and be reviewed in major cities.”

— Cynthia Phelps, viola

Following my Pro Musicis recital at the San Quentin prison, a man serving a life sentence wrote: ‘I would wait a lifetime to hear you play again.’ This letter still moves me.”

— Richard Todd, French horn

It was an inspiring moment as the lovely sound of Maria Bachmann’s violin and Jon Klibonoff’s piano echoed though the hallway, granting relief from the stress and tragedy felt by these women who are homeless. We felt their love and passion for music. No one wanted this feeling to end.”

— Artists and Homeless Collaborative, Manhattan

My recital in Rome at the Villa Medici was wonderful, packed with an enthusiastic audience that wanted to hear the music. It was very exciting. They made me want to play.”

— Joyce Lindorff, harpsichord

My New York debut at Merkin Concert Hall was the most significant exposure and opportunity up to that point in my career, and fortunately the positive press reaction opened several doors to me.”

— Peter Oundjian, violin

The dedication Pro Musicis has to the community affects the Pro Musicis artist who in turn realizes a deeper meaning to giving concerts and playing their instruments.”

— Cynthia Phelps, viola

Community service lends richer meaning to the work of preparing and performing concert music. I consider these concerts to be a most rewarding activity of my professional life.”

— Gary Steigerwalt, piano

My community concert at Phoenix House in New York stands out. One of the residents asked me whether I felt I had reincarnation ties with Robert Schumann. It was a startling question.”

— Lydia Artymiw, piano

The needs for young performers today are great and the opportunities are few. Pro Musicis has provided me with encouragement and hope in a tough field.”

— Helene Wickett, piano

Not many of the Rikers Island inmates had experience with classical music. An hour and a half later, however, the prisoners were on their feet with a standing ovation for Mr. Klibonoff.”

— The New York Times

Pro Musicis gave me the opportunity to experience first hand the power to heal, to bring light into dark places, and to experience the depth of my own feelings about music’s importance in the world.”

— Jeffery Kahane, piano

Pro Musicis helps young artists to understand what their gift is. It seeks to foster a new generation of artists who will use their gift in a way that is inspiring and challenging.”

— Gary Louie, saxophone

Being the first Italian artist selected for the Pro Musicis International Award has been very beneficial to me, particularly in Italy. In fact, in the eyes of Italian producers, my standing is now on a higher level.”

— Emanuele Segre, guitar

I didn’t know what to expect when I went to the Los Angeles prison for women. As it turned out we had a love for music in common. I wanted to please and when they saw that, they really opened up.”

— Maria Bachamann, violin

A community concert is special because you enter a situation that is very foreign to you and to your art. You have no idea how your music will fare. When the music fares well (as it always has), then the experience is very unique and remarkable.”

— Gary Louie, saxophone

I would not have had the courage to play recitals without Pro Musicis’ guidance. It was also helpful to know that I could be of some use to the community.”

— Kim Kashkashian, viola

We had a terrific performance given by Emanuele Segre, classical guitarist. A few days have passed since the performance, but many clients continue to express their enjoyment.”

— The Jewish Guild for the Blind, Manhattan

The Pro Musicis Foundation selects young artists on the brink of professional careers and gives them concerts in major American and European cities while asking them also to give community service concerts in prisons, hospitals and nursing homes.”

— The Washington Post

This inner city Washington group of senior citizens had never before experienced such music close up and in person. Mr. Klibonoff’s communication in both words and music made for a red letter day on our calendar.”

— Harvest House, Washington, D.C.

Pro Musicis has always been very creative and I hope it doesn’t give up because of world depression. Art is always needed because it’s the one things that makes us pull through emotionally.”

— Carmit Zori, violin

At Terminal Island Penitentiary in Los Angeles 500 men serving time were listening to Schubert. Their attention was amazing, giving them spiritual hope while waiting to start a new life, proving to them and to me the awesome power of music as a healer.”

— Elizabeth Wolff, piano

It is a beautiful experience to bring music to those who might otherwise not be able to hear it. It brings some joy to their lives and is extremely rewarding for the soul of the artist. “

— Maria Bachmann, violin

I want to say how much we appreciated the recent recital by Carolyn Sebron. She not only has a beautiful voice, but also a wonderful and engaging rapport with her audience. We all need music and we all need special events in our lives. Pro Musicis provides both…”

— Massachusetts Mental Health Center, Boston

What a treat we had when Richard Todd performed for us. Many had never heard a French horn before so the evening was educational as well as entertaining. The cost of musical events limits senior citizens from attending so they were very appreciative of this opportunity.”

— St. Mary’s Court, Washington, D.C.

At the State Mental Hospital in Massachusetts, it was amazing to witness what I took to be a unique and telling testimony to the power of music to change people’s mood. The magic of music was nakedly and joyously celebrated.”

— Christopher O’Riley, piano