Pro Musicis combines a classical music award with a social mission for the world's finest concert artists.

The Father Eugène Merlet Award for Community Service celebrates and advances the creativity of individuals whose community service awakens the human spirit through the transformative power of music.
In 2015 the Board created this annual award in memory of Father Merlet. Each year the plan is to select up to three recipients, with preference for Pro Musicis artists, to receive a $4,000 grant in support of their project. Find out more by clicking the buttons below.
Father Eugène Merlet

Father Eugène Merlet

NOVA Guitar Duo in Review

November 19, 2018

“With this pairing there is a oneness of musical thought which makes them a rare find.” — Rorianne Schrade, New York Concert Review read more…

Francisco Fullana in Review

November 5, 2016

“Spanish violinist Francisco Fullana’s program was beautifully conceived and stunningly well played.” — Frank Daykin, New York Concert Review

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Solera Quartet in Review

October 26, 2018

“Highly promising and successful debut for the Solera Quartet … a beautiful and memorable evening.”
– Rorianne Schrade, New York Concert Review
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Delphine Bardin in Review

September 29, 2018
“In a world of loud messages and hype, Ms. Bardin showed the power of a whisper.” – Rorianne Schrade, New York Concert Review read more…