Pro Musicis International Award

For over 50 years Pro Musicis has been auditioning concert artists in Paris and New York City to select musicians for the Pro Musicis International Award. A jury of distinguished musicians in each city bases their decisions on two main criteria: high level of performance demonstrating artistic inspiration and passion for social outreach.

Those selected join the prestigious family of Pro Musicis artists. They represent a wide range of instruments and nationalities. Pro Musicis presents them in concert halls and community service projects. Most become soloists and members of chamber ensembles or orchestras. Others become conductors or teach at conservatories and university music schools. Some have extensive discographies, organize festivals, or become entrepreneurs and founders of creative non-profits in service of society.

Over its history, the work of Pro Musicis has drawn admiration, support and assistance from towering figures in the world of music—Daniel Barenboim, Pierre Boulez, Byron Janis, Mstislav Rostropovich and Gunther Schuller — to name a few. A number of Pro Musicis artists have joined their ranks. Martin Bookspan, voice of Live from Lincoln Center, said: “Discover Pro Musicis artists—extraordinary performers who, already making their mark, are sure to enliven the concert world of the 21st century.”

The Father Eugène Merlet Award for Community Service

The Father Eugène Merlet Award for Community Service celebrates and advances the creativity of individuals whose community service initiatives awaken the human spirit through the transformative power of music. In 2015 the Board created this annual award in memory of Father Merlet.

Each year the plan is to select three recipients, with preference for Pro Musicis artists, to receive a $4,000 grant in support of their project.

Class of 2017

GOLDEN GATE MUSIC BRIDGE—founded by pianist Elizabeth Dorman—combines training in entrepreneurship, public speaking, and chamber music to transform San Francisco public high school students into inspiring community artists. GGMB students learn to contextualize repertoire and create meaningful dialog within concerts for adults and children with developmental disabilities.

NOTES WITH A PURPOSE—founded by Pro Musicis pianist Alexandria Le—provides engaging, high-quality musical experiences to a wide range of communities including healthcare facilities, shelters and schools in the Las Vegas area. Music JuiceBox Series, e.g., introduces young ears to classical music through fun and explorative performances.

SUSTAINABLE ENVIRONMENT THROUGH THE ARTS AND SCIENCES is Pro Musicis pianist Juliann Ma’s original concert-plus-music video project featuring choreographers performing alongside Juliann at the piano and telling, through movement and wordless sound, the story of climate change and human impact on nature.

Class of 2016

COSA MUSIC INSTITUTE—founded by Pro Musicis artist Francisco Fullana in 2015—is affiliated with the Chamber Orchestra of San Antonio providing a summer program at no cost to the city’s youth offering instruction in string performance of chamber music and outreach.

DANIEL’S MUSIC–founded in 2006 by the Trush Family in New York City—provides music programs for individuals with developmental and physical disabilities. Clients learn and practice music in a comfortable and social environment built on respect to promote wellness and joy.

MUSIC FOR FOOD—founded by Pro Musicis artist Kim Kashkashian in 2010—is a musician-led initiative to fight hunger in local communities, transforming music into food. Based in Boston, there are now active chapters in ten U.S. cities. Musicians volunteer so that 100% of donations benefit local pantries and shelters.

Francis of Assisi Award

From time to time, Pro Musicis confers The Francis of Assisi Award to individuals in recognition of their distinguished service to society and exemplary leadership in the public arena.

For outstanding service to Pro Musicis and the world of music
Presented by Father Eugene Merlet
March 29, 1996
Gala Concert at Wellesley College, Massachusetts

For contributing to the well-being of New York City in a singular way
Presented by Michael Hegarty, President and C.O.O. of Equitable
February 10, 1998
Award Dinner at the University Club, New York City

For his indefatigable dedication to Pro Musicis and the sharing of music
Presented by Byron Janis, concert pianist
February 10, 1998
Award Dinner at the University Club, New York City

For exemplary service in New York’s international banking community
Presented by Michel Avenas, President of Vivendi North America
February 16, 2000
Award Dinner at the University Club, New York City

For a distinguished 31-year career in the U.S.A. Foreign Service
Presented by Jack Rudin
February 16, 2000
Award Dinner at the University Club, New York City

For world class leadership to the arts in New York City
Presented by Jack Rudin and Father Merlet
December 4, 2002
French Consulate in New York City

For his contribution to the world of music
Presented by Serge Bellanger and Father Merlet
April 11, 2006
Award Dinner at French Consulate in New York City

For a lifetime of public service
Presented by Raymond Lamontagne and Father Merlet
April 11, 2006
Award Dinner at French Consulate in New York City