The Father Merlet Award for Community Service: 2019

Each year the plan is to select up to three recipients, with preference for Pro Musicis artists, to receive a $4,000 grant in support of their project.

AWARD #9, presented May 9, 2019: Catherine Gregory

JUST BREATHE, initiated by Catherine Gregory, is centered on a series of interactive performances of solo flute works for cancer patients in various stages of treatment.

Photo of Catherine Gregory

Catherine Gregory

These musical interactions provide patients with a creative outlet to respond to a particular moment in their experience, and promote storytelling of their personal journey. The project will culminate in a free public chamber music performance, with a multi-disciplinary thread woven throughout, incorporating reflections and creative output from the participants of the project.

AWARD #10, presented May 9, 2019: Karol Bennett

Musiqa enriches the Houston community each season with a cutting edge series of concert programs that integrate new music with other modern art forms.

Photo of Karol Bennett

Karol Bennett

Musiqa’s composers have created two original award-winning educational shows using folk songs and modern music to teach young students about music. Offered for free primarily in Title One and underserved schools, students sing with Pro Musicis artist Karol Bennett and professional instrumentalists. In the past fifteen years Karol has made nearly 400 visits to public schools throughout the Houston area and has taught over 60,000 students to confidently sing. Karol’s spouse, Rice Professor Anthony Brandt, is the Artistic Director of Musiqa.